"The Birthday" as VOD & DVD in stores

Following its nationwide cinema release on 25 June shortly after the Corona lockdown, "The Birthday" will be available in stores from 18 December as a DVD and via Video on Demand. Director Carlos Morelli uses captivating black and white images to stage a seemingly everyday family situation. But "The Birthday" contains everything you'd least expect from a child's birthday: storms, quarrels and long faces. After his feature film debut "Mi Mundial", Morelli delivers an original film noir about a part-time father who realises overnight what is really important to him. The film location Halle an der Saale also provides wonderful backdrops for the atmospheric retro look.



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The seven-year-old Lukas (Kasimir Brause) has his birthday. Despite a tense situation, the parents Matthias (Mark Waschke) and Anna (Anne Ratte-Polle), who live separately, organise a big children's party with pinata and cake. In the living room the children are romping around, in the kitchen the parents: the stressed Matthias has, once again, cancelled the upcoming father-son weekend and postponed the promised visit to the zoo. When the party is over, the next problem follows: Little Julius (Finnlay Jan Berger) has not been picked up by his parents. Matthias actually only wants to get rid of the strange boy, but the events turn upside down. Driven by his awakening protective instinct, the part-time daddy takes responsibility for the helpless Julius and his eyes finally open to the needs of his own son.

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