W-film Advents-Action: Streams only €1

The cinema closures will continue until at least 20 December. But for the Christmas season W-film has come up with a very special offer for all film lovers: On every Advent Sunday there will be a stream of one film each for the unbeatable solidarity price of only €1 in our online shop at shop.wfilm.de!


The 1st Advent opens with „Just One Day“, a delightful film for young and old.
The 2nd Advent continues with „Looking at the Stars“, an enchanting documentary about the world's only ballet school for blind ballerinas.

For the 3rd Advent „Hannah: Buddhism's Untold Journey“ brings spirituality and wisdom of life.

The action will be crowned on the 4th Advent with the opulent historical drama „The Reformer. Zwingli: A Life’s Portrait“. Contemplative home cinema for the whole family!

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